New Toy

Mother nature finished me off and I’m back playing with this blog like a kid with a new toy.

Seventy years old, seven years old- it all starts to blur together.

Having said that I want to play with this new toy a little.

The missus and I are closely following the American election.  We both find it most engaging and emotionally stimulating, or more accurately provoking.  Mostly  our responses are reactions to the comments and antics of Republican candidate Mr. D.J. Trump.  Sometimes he has us howling with laughter but on a couple of occasions I have found myself screaming at the TV, and the missus about to hurl a frying pan at it when he is talking.  She wants to start a movement Canadians for Clinton.  I think that would be excessive.  I satisfy myself by screaming at him or his supporters  “ANSWER THE QUESTION!!”  or  “BS!!” or calling DJ names like Pinocchio.

Yes we are getting a lot of entertainment and it’s all for free.

Love the Americans.  Home of the worst and home of the best.

I have to stop now.  The missus says it’s my turn to do the dishes.

Until next time,



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