Sarah Louise Palin: Where are you when we need you?

The missus has been at me all week to get back to the blog.  I must be bugging her too much.  That’s not easy to do because she is a very patient person.  My late mother, may she rest in peace even called my missus a saint and when we married my m0ther called me aside and warned me not to screw it up!  My mother was an astute judge of character, both of the missus and of me.

Oh ya,  Sarah Palin.

Around our house these days the main subject of interest  is the upcoming American election. The missus is especially enmeshed and has a deep seated antipathy to Mr. Trump.  She admits to wanting to throw shoes at the television screen on more then one occasion when either he or one of his supporters is talking.  She has on several occasions floated out the idea we should start a campaign  ‘Canadians for Clinton’.  I suggested they would be happier if we just sent them money,  but since it’s not tax deductible maybe only a buck or two.

Anyways a recent topic has been Mr Trump’s friendly attitude to his good buddy Mr, Putin, who actually may not know that he is Mr. Trump’s  good buddy.  The problem is Mr Trump’s friendly attitude to Putin and his seeming attitude of  wanting to abandon Ukraine and the American allies in NATO.  This risks sending a very wrong and dangerous message to Vladimir.  A message of permission that it’s okay to invade other sovereign nations and as long as it doesn’t involve the USA the Americans don’t care.  Given Mr Putin’s expansionist territorial agenda in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and possibly other places we are not yet aware of–remember the Russians are very sneaky especially their ruling dictators,  it is prudent for America to keep its guard up.  The American government also is no stranger to sneakiness, but that’s for a different blog.

The people of The Autonomous Republic of Crimea in 2014 supposedly passed a referendum to become annexed to Russia.  For some unknown(apparently only unknown by Mr. Trump) reason it was highly suspected that Russia played a central role in this change of allegiance of the Crimeans from their decades old political connection to the Ukraine.  It is interesting to take a very brief look at the relevant history  of the area.

From about the 5th century BC the area was inhabited and under the authority of a series of different rulers including the Greeks, Romans, the Byzantine Empire, the Venetians , the Genoese, the Mongols, the Ottomans and even the locals.  In 1783 during the reign of Katherine  the Second(also known as Katherine the Great) Tzarina of Russia Crimea was invaded and taken over by Russia.  Her number one minister at the time also believed to have secretlybeen her lover (I already mentioned that the Russians were sneaky) wanted Crimea to have a warm water port with access to the Mediterranean.  He built the city of Sevastopol, a naval base and military port.

In 1921 after the Russians changed their government system by firing, and firing on, the then reigning tzar and his family.  Now that is what I call getting fired. Crimea became an Autonomous Soviet Socialist republic.  Not really.  Really, it was under Russian communist control.

In 1954 it is believed in a moment of alcoholic good humour then Russian boss Nikita Khrushchev  gave the territory officially back to the Ukraine, a totally meaningless gesture in as much as the Ukraine was under Russian control at the time.  After 1989 when the USSR split up it was a little more meaningful.  Instead of being under the authority of a corrupt and generally incompetent Russian bureaucracy it came under the authority of what turned out to to be an even more corrupt and incompetent Ukrainian administration.  As Putin consolidated his corrupt but much more competent rule , the Crimea and its warm water port with a route to the Mediterranean, Central Europe, the Middle East and North Africa  made it a desirable acquisition.  No kidding.  Hello Donald are you awake???

No?  Then let me continue.

In approximately 1741, a few years before I was born, in fact few years before America or Canada were born a Danish explorer by the name of Bering claimed the territory now known as Alaska for the then Tzar of Russia.  It remained Russian territory until 1867 when on the urging of the Republican Secretary of State, William Seward, the United States purchased Alaska from Russia for about $7.2 million or 2 cents an acre.  The Tzar needed the money and its a good bet there was a vodka influence on the Russian side of the deal.

Whether Wrangell Island was included in the sale was a matter of contention.

So when Russia wanted Crimea it sent its agents, saboteurs and military men to Crimea and stole it.  Ukrainian efforts to retain its sovereignty over its territory was brushed aside in a matter of weeks.

So at long long last the question for you Governor Sarah Louise Palin is:  What will you do if in the face of Trumps laissez-faire attitude and seeming disinterest in foreign affairs and lack of knowledge, refusal to learn and stubborn resistance to taking the advice of people who know about such matters encourages in Putin a belief that he’s okay to test the Americans in the Arctic?   Say off the coast of Alaska.  What’s to stop him from sending his navy into waters that he claims are international but Alaska claims are American.

Who will be the American young people deployed in harm’s way risking life and limb  to stand nose to nose with the Russians.  There’s a lot at stake, not just the wealth of resources in the area but also the strategic importance of sea channels–surface and below. Two catagories of concerns that will  serve as more than enough incentive to encourage Putin to test the limits of American resolve; especially given Trump’s publicly expressed feelings about:- Russia, Putin, Nato and the other American allies worldwide who feel abandoned and have lost trust in America.

Do Americans want to deal with the Russians in the Ukraine with the full support of its friends and allies, or, alone off the shores of Alaska.

Can’t happen?  Oh ya?  During WW II the Japanese successfully occupied two Alaskan island for 15 months. And Japan is a lot farther away from Alaska then is Russia.

Finally  –   my critical question for you Sarah Louise Palin.  Would you agree that it is more likely that the young men and women protecting Alaska from Trump’s incompetence will have names like Bristol, Track, Trig, Willow,Piper,  – or  – Ivanka, Donald Jr., Eric, Baron?  My guess  is the latter group will be driving around in limousines figuring out how to make money for themselves and how to avoid even paying their share of taxes to help pay  for the mess caused by their father’s ignorance.

Sarah Louise Palin where are you when your country needs you????

Lucky for everybody who may be reading this blog the missus is calling me for supper so I have to stop now.

Next time I will want to address the issue of, “fornication under carnal knowledge” and the Trump supporters.
















New Toy

Mother nature finished me off and I’m back playing with this blog like a kid with a new toy.

Seventy years old, seven years old- it all starts to blur together.

Having said that I want to play with this new toy a little.

The missus and I are closely following the American election.  We both find it most engaging and emotionally stimulating, or more accurately provoking.  Mostly  our responses are reactions to the comments and antics of Republican candidate Mr. D.J. Trump.  Sometimes he has us howling with laughter but on a couple of occasions I have found myself screaming at the TV, and the missus about to hurl a frying pan at it when he is talking.  She wants to start a movement Canadians for Clinton.  I think that would be excessive.  I satisfy myself by screaming at him or his supporters  “ANSWER THE QUESTION!!”  or  “BS!!” or calling DJ names like Pinocchio.

Yes we are getting a lot of entertainment and it’s all for free.

Love the Americans.  Home of the worst and home of the best.

I have to stop now.  The missus says it’s my turn to do the dishes.

Until next time,


First Post: Who and Why.

My name is Mark Harvey and I am pushing 70 in three months and after a career in medicine of nearly 50 years–I can’t believe how quickly it went by–I’m retiring.

My dear wife of almost 40 years, out of an abundance  of concern for me, panicking I would be painfully bored–painful for her– encouraged me to start a blog. Under threat of serious bodily harm I agreed.

However in order to fully enjoy the exercise it is my intention to be topical and humorous in my ramblings.

Mother Nature is calling so I’m going to stop for now, but stay tuned!!!